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Welcome to The Epiphany of the Lord Parish!

We are a new parish made up of the former parishes of St. Agatha, St. Brigid and St. Mary of Grace. Our parishes had a proud history, and we are happy to have served the Meadville Community for so long. Now, as times change, we are changing as well, displaying a new, vibrant face for the Catholicism that is our home, our heartbeat, and foundation of our lives.

We are striving toward God and making Him a lived reality in every aspect of our day. We invite you to join us on this lifechanging journey to know Christ better and make Him known to those around us!

Mission Statement

The Epiphany of the Lord Parish is a Roman Catholic Community in Meadville, Pennsylvania centered on the Eucharist as the summit and source of our life.  With proud traditions from our history, a strong sense of family, and a welcoming atmosphere to all, we endeavor to bear witness to the Gospel, guide each person to become an intentional disciple, and to recognize their dignity as a child of God.

As a parish of the Diocese of Erie in union with the universal Church, we are committed to following Jesus Christ by striving to do the will of the Father through fidelity to the word of God as it comes down to us through Scripture and Apostolic Tradition in the Catholic Church.

We seek to share in the mission of the Church to advance God’s kingdom through:

·      the Liturgy, especially Sunday Mass;

·      effective evangelization;

·      formation and education open to all members of God’s people;

·      Christlike service to one another and to the community at large.

Through strengthening and supporting the faith of each individual and family, and holding each other accountable, we will grow as a strong, unified community whose ultimate goal in all we do is the glory of God.

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