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Small Church Communities

As our parish community changes and grows with the consolidation of our churches, we want to be sure no one gets lost in the shuffle. Fewer priests means less availability to minister to individual people. This means we have to take responsibility for helping each other to grow closer to Christ in as much as we can. We're not diminishing the value of priesthood by any means - we still need priests for the Sacraments and teaching and so many things! But we can help each other when it comes to sharing our stories and being there for each other during the ordinary (and extraordinary) moments of our lives.


Much like the early Church, in small groups, also known as small church communities (SCC) we will learn how to devote ourselves to the teaching of the apostles (the Church), the communal life (support each other in how to practically live our faith in the world), the breaking of the bread (increase importance of the Eucharist and all Sacraments), and to prayer (learning to pray more intently individually and together). 

Small Church Communities aren't for "religious" people; they are for everyone, even those with busy, demanding schedules.

Each group leader hosts their group either in their home or somewhere in the churches. A variety of times are offered. 

Questions? Contact Amy Mosbacher at 814-336-1112.


Small Church Communities will run weekly when they are doing a specific program, otherwise they meet every other week from September to the end of May. When not meeting weekly to pray with a specific topic, the groups focus on praying with the Sunday Scriptures.

Annual SCC Picnic

Saturday, July 27, 12:00 pm, Overlook Recreation Area at Woodcock Dam. Talk to your group leaders about dishes to bring and other details. 

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