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NFP Campout & Picnic

Don't give up, the NFP annual campout and picnic is still happening!

Due to scheduling conflicts at the Scout camp, we've had to change locations to the Hepler Family Camp - God always provides. Come enjoy campfires and fireflies as this family tradition continues!


Sept. 16 - 18, 2022

Arrivals after 5pm on Friday

Place: Helper Camp in Cranberry  PA, Venango County.  The closest address to the park is 489 Parklin Rd. The entrance to the park is down the hill past this house.

Tables limited so please bring your own tables and chairs if possible. Porta-potties will be available.

Sunday Mass 12:30 pm

Celebrated by Fr. James Campbell

Shared picnic following mass.


No Hike after picnic.


To register & for more information please call Barb Burkett  814-337-7302.

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